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    Finance Consulting
    Comprehensive financial advice and financial services
    that are tailored to meet your individual needs
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    We are Experienced Experts
    Comprehensive financial advice and financial services
    that are tailored to meet your individual needs
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    Investment outlook
    Comprehensive financial advice and financial services
    that are tailored to meet your individual needs

Mutual Funds

With a slew of offerings, from private / public sector, matching ones risk and return profile becomes a cumbersome task. We help you with suggestions on the scheme/s based on sound rationale.

Life and general insurance

Assets, whether life or non life, whether quantified or not, require coverages to safeguard against income, family or business obligations for continuation. We shall help you understand from the maze of products offering and provide suitable choices to provide security.

Tax saving products

Income tax laws in India allow savings and investments in various products, which can be a complex affair for a layman. We shall help you go through the details matching and help reduce you and your family's tax liability.

Commodities trading

Accepted by High Net Worth IndIans (HNWI), a riskier proposition with skewed returns.

Your Wealth, managed our way:

We believe in adopting a holistic approach by being unbiased, sophisticated, methodical, accountable, reliable and by being transparent. We create a customised financial plan much away from the one size fits all policy. We follow uniform practices and are consistent most of the times. We also believing in making known the downside on every asset rather than just trying to pursue a selling tactic. We believe in creating a factor of trust and in meeting all the deadlines which are under our control thus delighting customers. We believe that our customers are our goodwill ambassadors and are the chief reason for the referrals. Each of our customer would have provided on an average atleast two referrals in the last twelve months or so.

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Our Commitment

1. From our experiences we have found that we have invariably created financial awareness to the prospect

2. We create one or more plans which ideally cater to

3. Creation of investment mix through an asset allocation plan

4. Look at debt prepayment or repayment thus creating wealth simultaneously

5. Create a tax plan using legitimate tax resorts that are made available by the GOI

6. Create an estate plan that could include creation of will, HUF, Trust, etc.

7. Most importantly, whatever we try and do , there is a compulsory review and a monitoring and reporting mechanism which is appreciated by our clients.


We Make it Easy

1. We believe that we have developed a deep sense of satisfaction of our customers through (CAPA) control and preventive actions and by regularly reporting the state of affairs without springing surprises of an unwanted nature.

2. Our team of research associates spend a lot of time reading and culling out secondary data which are meaningful to be shared.

3. They delve on diverse range of issues which are macro economic in nature or could be Company specific or Industry specific.

4. These are shared with only ' only those who are in need of it' Special reports on when to do what follows on a "need basis".

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